Thursday, January 28, 2010

First 3D sports Event

As i told in the antecedent column that the advertisement channels acceptable to acquaint its 3D alive amateur in the approach comes true. Sky sports which is activity to advertisement its aboriginal anytime 3D alive sports accident back Arsenal hosts Manchester's United in the Premier League on advancing Sunday. The 3D furnishings can't be watched in accustomed television, it could be added acceptable beheld in some of Sony's television. It is activity to be all 3D aural London Olympics which is activity to alpha at 2012. Its a abundant fun to watch 3D movies in amphitheater which would be astute and absorbing and back advancing to amateur like football it would be added blood-tingling and exciting. It is activity to be accurate that the admirers of football clubs would adopt added to watch matches in 3D as activity to stadium. There is a acceptable bazaar befalling for home accessories in 3D articulation as we all apperceive bottom brawl is the alone bold that has better cardinal of admirers in the world. Let us achievement for all the amateur to be advertisement in the approaching and would accomplish amateur added appetence for watchers worldwide.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Desalination of sea water In India

Thirst for fresh water will come to an end by the introduction of desalination of sea water in India. This is the world’s first low temperature desalination plant built with the technology developed by National Institute of Ocean Technology Goa. The plant will produce 1 lakh water at a cost of 10 paisa per liter. The plant will be built across all the coastal area and also planned to increase the capacity by 10 lakh liters per day. The technology involves condensing the surface water which is at 27 to 30 degree Celsius to 5 to 7 degree Celsius by a vapor condensing chamber inside the tube. Water for the process will be drawn at a depth of about 350 to 400 m from the sea shore. This is fruitful news for those living in the metropolitan cities that are paying Re 1 per liter for drinking purpose.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sony new 3D camera

Sony India launches 22 new model camera yesterday with the price range between Rs 12,999 to 29,999. Sony plans to introduce 3D camera in the next few months to increases its portfolio in the camera segment. Sony India already has its market share of 40 percent plans to increase in the coming years. It sold 4.4 million camera sets in 2009 and this is increased to 5.5 in 2010 and it is expected to grow in the near future. According to the statement new 3D camera will take 3D images at 240 frames per second for even fast-moving subjects such as sports. BBC, Sky sports planned to use 3D cameras in the fore coming London Olympics and Cricket world cup 2010 as an experiment in the emerging broadcast technology. Sony also plans to introduces 3D technology in their product category like Laptops, Bravia TV sets, PS3 consoles, Blu-ray players with the successful launch of 3D camera.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New way to Tackle Food Inflation

In recent months we are paying high for vegetables and we use to complaint that the food inflation are at the peak and the government fails to control food prices. The real fact is that the villagers who produce vegetables will not receive the entire benefits. The fact is that about 70% of the population involved in farming belongs to below poverty line and when the people receive benefit their level will be improved. There are various projects implemented by state governments to reach the value of food prices directly to the farmers and to elevate the poverty in the Below poverty line. Schemes introduced by central government to eliminate intermediate who are beneficiary of food inflation are (i) Minimum support price level, where a minimum price should be given to the crops for example paddy will be priced at Rs 1050 per quintal. This scheme should be made more effective by creating awareness among farmers about the scheme and to make possible for the farmers to complaint about misleading of this scheme. State governments Gujarat and some part of Andra Pradesh introduced a scheme called " The market Committee yards" which connect farmers and end users directly. Tamil Nadu stays a head of other state by introducing " Ulavar Sandhai " which brings both the producer and the end user to come together at a specific place which helps the farmers to get market price without intermediary. The other new system which is planned to implement is selling of vegetables through Public Distribution System(PDS). Government will procure all the vegetables from farmers at reasonable price and they will be sold at 50% of market price through which farmers and the people who are living under Below Poverty Line will be benefited. Let us expect soon vegetables in PDS at 50% of market price.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As the world's famous Delhi Auto Expo 2010 started on Jan 5, companies in India started unveiling its new models in the expo. World's largest car manufacturer General Motors India Unveiled its new brand Beat under Cheverlot which is the third compact car in its portfolio next to Spark and UVA. Beat is a 1.2 Litre petrol engine which is expected to sell 5000 units for a month. Beat, priced (entry model) aggressively at Rs 3.34 lakh, below rivals like Hyundai’s i10 and Maruti’s Ritz and Swift. Under test condition Beat is expected to deliver mileage of about 18.6 kmpl. Beat is available in 7 different color. The highest model of Beat 1.2 LT Option Pack available at Rs.434,990.00 in metropolitan cities. Simply the all new Chevrolet inspired by Chevy's muscle era, which has most powerful efficient engine in its class of cars launched in India. From world's largest car manufacturer it is backed with world class safety rating and full of new features and atlast it can be said as Machine that get's your heart racing.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

U Truck From Leyland

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland unveiled its new U Truck platform on Saturday and its managing director announced that Ashok Leyland going to introduce all 25 products will come under this new U truck platform in 18 months. All commercial vehicle will be powered by BS III and BS IV engine which can be upgraded to BS V in the future. Ashok Leyland plans to manufacture 50, 000 units from its Uttarakhand facility. Ashok leyland and Nissan of Japan formed a joint venture company for manufacturing of Light Moving Vehicle in 2007 and joint ventured company plans to built a new facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with an investment of Rs 2300 crore.
Speaking about the Joint venture, MD said, there will not be any joint branding of products, some products in the value segment will be tagged as " Ashok Leyland " while those in the niche segment will be tagged as Nissan of Japan. Ashok Leyland also launched its first ever online support for customer service " Leyland Direct " a national helpline for customer care for quick break-down services.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Corby Speed from Samsung

Samsung India launches its eighth CDMA model aiming to capture the market share by 30% in 2010 by now Samsung has a market share of 25% in CDMA handset alone which is up from 6.25% in 2008. Speed Corby priced at Rs 10,400 which give data speed up to 2.4 Mbps for high speed internet surfing and downloads on the phone. Hand set will support full service across all CDMA operators like Virgin Mobiles, MTS, Reliance, Tata etc. Special features includes 2 MP camera, Mobile dictionary, Music finder, Blue tooth, expandable memory capacity up to 8 GB, support various social networking website like Flicker, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc.
With this product Samsung India has 9 handsets in CDMA portfolio with the price ranging from Rs 3,199 to Rs 12,500. All Samsung Corby will be imported from Samsung’s China facility.