Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Corby Speed from Samsung

Samsung India launches its eighth CDMA model aiming to capture the market share by 30% in 2010 by now Samsung has a market share of 25% in CDMA handset alone which is up from 6.25% in 2008. Speed Corby priced at Rs 10,400 which give data speed up to 2.4 Mbps for high speed internet surfing and downloads on the phone. Hand set will support full service across all CDMA operators like Virgin Mobiles, MTS, Reliance, Tata etc. Special features includes 2 MP camera, Mobile dictionary, Music finder, Blue tooth, expandable memory capacity up to 8 GB, support various social networking website like Flicker, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc.
With this product Samsung India has 9 handsets in CDMA portfolio with the price ranging from Rs 3,199 to Rs 12,500. All Samsung Corby will be imported from Samsung’s China facility.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Toyota a US based motor company join its hand with Kirloskar India to form “Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited” in 1997 established at Bangalore. Toyota involved in the business of manufacturing cars, trucks, Suvs, van and Hybrids. Whereas TKM only concentrating in the business of cars. TKM India launches its new Sport Utility Vehicle in New Delhi with price tag of 52 lakhs(approximately). TKM is looking at 10% market share in SUV segment with the launch of all new redesigned Prado diesel Land cruiser. Prado has sold over 1.56 million units over 170 countries and it is expected to regain its sales in India too.
Improvements in New Prado includes a 3 litre diesel engine, adaptation of new suspension system comfortable for all city and highway speeds. It also has some other features like three zone automatic climate control, multi information display system, down hill assist control system and dynamic stability control. The car will be available in Bangalore showroom with 5 different colors to attract businessman, industrialist, socialist, who wants to make a style statement with the age group of 35 to 45 added MD Hiroshi Nagakawa chairman TKM.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


TATA Motors introduces another big machine in the Indian roads GRANDE MK II in three variants 1. SUMO GrandeLX priced at Rs.6,43,580, 2. SUMO GrandeEX priced at Rs.6,83,191, 3. SUMO GrandeGX prices at Rs.7,50,166, all prices are based on Ex showroom prices New Delhi.
Drive ability the new gear ratio ensures instant response as you tap the accelerator pedal, ensuring better fuel efficiency gives high Drive ability, Handling
the new suspension design offers the low roll characteristic for your comfort and control of the car which gives better handling of your car, Comfort
the new soft suspension makes sure that any unevenness of the road is soaked by suspension to ensure highest comfort levels during long journey, Noise & Vibration
the new Acoustic package developed with the latest engineering with new design body mounts ensures the noise & vibrations are arrested at source to make it silent throughout the travel which gives more pleasant ride.
To know more about SUmo Greande have a look at the company's website ""

Thursday, December 10, 2009

HONDA's CB Twister

Honda motor company with head quarters in Tokyo japan they have plants in 32 countries with 109 product bases. Honda motors India introduces a new stylish bike in the 2 wheeler segment launched at Delhi at Ex-showroom price of 42,000.
Features of this CB Twister is it is a 110 cc bike 9 bhp engine that gives mileage of 70 kmpl*, equipped with both digital and analog speedometer with four gears and the pattern(1 down 3 up) is similar to Pulsar(1 down 4 up) where we have 5 gears. Engine specification (4 stroke, air cooled, SI engine), torque 9 N-M@6000 rpm.
Starting with both self and kick start and equipped with 240 mm front disc brake with tubeless front and back rear for effective control. This is the bike that both middle class and lower middle class can afford and it is a real dream wake up call from Honda motors for those people who wants stylish, high performance bike at affordable cost.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tata Swach a TATA Chemicals product

Tata sons started their business with tata steels at Jamshedpur as their flagship company now they are in all business like services, auto sector, food, communications, iron and steel sector ect and atlast they where in the business of water purification. Tata Chemicals introduced water purifier in the name of " TATA SWACH" and it is to be called as "World’s most cost-effective water purifier improves affordability of safe drinking water for millions of Indian families".

Tata Chemicals introduced the product with combined effort form Tata Consultancy Servics, Tata Chemicals and Titan Industries.
@ produces clean and safe water without using electric power or running water
@ The cartridge bulb is packed with a purification medium which has the capability to kill bacteria and disease-causing organisms
@ It can purify up to 3000 litres of water after which the cartridge stops water flow hence the user will have enough time for the replacement.

Monday, December 7, 2009

About this blog

Hi friends i am glad in creating this new blog. The blog is all about new product in the market from various sectors like communication, transport, media etc bringing new product to your home. Soon will meet with a new product launched in the market.